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Building your personal brand for life! 

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Upcoming Event-

Youth Job Connection

February 23, 2019 10 am-3 pm

Mauldin United Methodist Church

100 E. Butler Rd., Mauldin, SC

Traditionally these life/soft skills are taught by parents and grandparents. Because of a shift in American culture, in many cases these skills are not being taught at home or in school effectively. Therefore, there is a “needs gap” for today’s youth and adults to learn and understand the importance of life skills.

Research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Center, has concluded that 85% of job success comes from having well developed life/soft skills and people skills. Therefore, only 15% of job success comes from technical knowledge (hard skills).

In another study by the Wall Street Journal, they surveyed 900 business executive, 93 percent said that character skills were as important as or more important than technical skills, and 89 percent reported difficulties in finding employees with these abilities. In a recent Zogby poll, it reveals that 64 percent of business leaders know someone who’s lost a promotion or job due to poor “social emotional skills”.

Life and career development programs are available for schools, organizations, and companies such as:

  • Lunch & Learns

  • Group progams

  • One-on-One sessions

  • Seminars

  • Workshops

  • Speaking Engagements

Life and career development programs are available for schools, corporations and organizations as:

 Life Skills for Students (High School and College)

High School

What you will learn:

1.    Getting Started

  • Determine your personal brand

  • Importance of goal setting and time management

  • How to properly introduce yourself

  • How to properly shake hands

  • The correct way to wear a nametag

2.   Communication Skills

  • Verbal

  • Non-verbal (body language)

  • Written

  • Networking-personal & professional

  • Manners matter

3.   Dress for Success (guest speaker & partner- Les Paul Cline Clothier)

  • Appropriate attire

  • Personal grooming

  • All about ties

  • Shoe care

4.   Financial Literacy (guest speaker & partner-Regions Bank)

  • Managing your money

  • Your credit and financial wellness

  • Banking 101

  • Introduction to insurance

5.  Get Ready for College (guest speaker & partner-Educational Directions)

  • What you need to know – what’s important (and not so important)

  • How to get on the right track to success – course selection, testing, & community involvement

  • Finances-Federal need-based aid and Scholarships/Merit monies

  • Special talent scholarships: athletic, academic, music. artistic, and service

6.  Making Good Choices

  • Understanding the difference between Needs vs. Wants

  • Social media/phone/text/email protocol

  • The value of community involvement

  • Consequences are real


In addition to the same six programs above, we will add the following sessions:

1.  How to Transition from College to Business

  • Must know skills to success

  • How does the business world operates, expectations and metrics

  • Understanding corporate culture and brand

  • “Real world” examples of success and failure

2.  Business Etiquette

  • Posture

  • Dining and entertainment

  • Meetings

  • Invitations and RSVP

  • Voicemail, email, text and social media

  • Networking

Life Skills for Athletes and Scholarships (Middle-School, High School, College)

  • Beyond "the field of play" life skill requirements to go to the next level

Corporate Life

Need help in helping your new hires transition and on board more effectively.

Let's ensure they understand the following from the start:

Successful Transition to our Company

  • Must know skills for success at your company

  • How does the business world operate, expectations and metrics

  • Understanding your corporate culture and what does it mean to me

  • Understanding your brand and what does it mean to me

  • “Real world” examples of success and failure at your company

  • The value of community involvement at your company





Project OOMPH

UMMC 2018 a.jpg

Oomph definition: noun \ ‘um(p)f\ powerful/strength of mind and body/attractive quality/excitement /enthusiasm/vitality

VMG has created Project Oomph out of the need to build a foundation to build your personal brand and  teach today’s youth and adults- life, character and career development skills to make a difference in achieving life goals with oomph!

The following represents a summary of this project:

  • Provide in person training, teaching, coaching and mentoring youth on life, character and career development skills to build their personal brand

  • Utilize employers who hire to gain first-hand knowledge, expectations, do’s don’ts, as well as to ask questions face-to-face

  • Creating a foundation for everyday application with family, friends, teachers, employers, co-workers, and the community

  • Prepare youth and adults to perform better in school, sports, arts, their first job, college entrance, career and life on their own in the “real world”

  • Utilize hands-on exercises and participation

It’s very important youth and adults learn life skills and the significance they play throughout their life. Vicary Management Group (VMG) has developed a Life Skills Training to provide the opportunity for youth and adults to be introduced to these skills and learn how to successfully develop and apply them to build your personal brand as you prepare for school, college, and career and as well as life experiences.


Check out an article written by Bill about Life Skills



"I think it’s an extraordinary program and outreach.  It’s well done, focused, & more impactful on these kids’ lives than they probably realize in that moment.  Thank you for your hard work and for including us!  I’ll also say that we have also already interviewed AND extended offers from some of the attendees last Saturday.  Good kids!! "

       Stacey, Greenville Recreation 

"Thank you for speaking at our senior and junior Beta Club meeting. We appreciate your insight about life skills and how they will help us in the real adult world."

       Upstate Home School Coop, Greenville, SC

“My son and I attended the Youth Summer Job Life Skill program at Mauldin Methodist back in February.  I found the information provided for the teens informative and beneficial not only for them but myself as well.  Bill was able to drive home the fact that in the business world it is about personal relationships and the ability to communicate.  The panel of employers and questions and answer session were particularly beneficial to the attendees.  Verbal communication and personal relationships are life skills many of our youth lack.  Those individuals that can master these life skills will have a competitive advantage in career development and the work force.”

      David S.

Bill's program is teaming with practical advice aimed to prepare our young people for the "real world."  The program not only contains excellent, meaningful content but is engaging and interactive. Students exit the program with life skills that will carry them toward a successful future. Thank you, Bill.”

     Kayla A.

“Bill Vicary has found a unique niche for ministry to youth and potentially adults that is both entertaining and productive.  In today’s rapidly changing world, there are many factors in seeking employment that simply did not exist twenty years ago.  Social media, rapid communications, and a host of other factors have changed the playing field.  Bill covers how these issues, and many more, effect someone seeking employment.  I can’t wait to hear what he does next.  Thank you Bill for the great work you’ve done here at Mauldin UMC.”

      Dr. Webb Belangia,Senior Pastor, Mauldin United Methodist Church