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Bill Vicary has successfully provided business development, sales and marketing services for more than 20 years for small to large companies around the country. He has worked with businesses to integrate their sales, marketing and operations teams strategically to help grow their business. His is very diverse and has worked with professional services firms (architectural, engineering and construction), trucking, warehouse and distribution, retail food, manufacturing, senior adults programs, non-profits and youth career development. Bill has proven hands-on experience in working with private and public start-ups to large international companies.

As a business development and marketing specialist, we review, assess and make recommendations for improvement as well as work with your team to implement them. Typical services include strategic planning, process improvement, cost reductions, budgeting, staff mentoring, target market and target client development and team development skills.

VMG excels at partnering with your firm as a business development and marketing consultant in your local office, region, and as a corporate resource to improve your firm’s overall business development and marketing needs. If you need to take your company to the “next level”, have the VMG team work with you to fine tune your business development and marketing needs to run at the highest level of performance, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Some of services available for your company to consider are as follows:


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It all starts here, develop the plan, work the plan and measure to the plan.

  • Review, audit, and make recommendation on existing or develop a strategic plan
  • Provide strategic planning and tactical implementation with metrics, by market and client(s)


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Building relationships-people buy from people they know, like, and trust.

  • Assess, audit, train, coach and mentor staff of effective business development
  • Establish a sales culture within your company
  • Coach, train and prepare your technical team for client meetings, interviews and presentations
  • Mentor and train seller/doers to be more effective
  • Create strategic target account development program, by market and client
  • Be a contract business development professional representing your company in specific markets
  • Key pursuit management- strategy for winning more projects
  • Review, audit and make recommendations on existing business development and marketing processes and procedures as well as cost effectiveness
  • Evaluate, recommend and develop business development and marketing processes and procedures
  • Teach and coach operations, technical and non-technical staff, The Art of Networking-Clients and Community


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Integrating marketing and business development is a powerful and successful combination. Ensuring the appropriate marketing resources (time, people and money) is available and effectively utilized to support business development and marketing.

  • Review, audit and make recommendations on existing marketing plan, metrics, website, collateral materials and branding
  • Develop a marketing plan, budget and metrics
  • Review, audit and make recommendations on effective and winning proposals and presentations
  • Provide client perception and feedback surveys and interviews
  • Effectively plan and produce results for trade shows and events