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Vicary Management Group (VMG), LLC is a consulting company located in Greenville, South Carolina that provides proven best practices to businesses and organizations. VMG specializes in developing and implementing: strategy, processes, metrics, tools, training, business development and marketing programs to drive growth.

Bill Vicary is the founder and president of VMG; has more than 25 years of proven business experience. He started his career as a degreed engineer, and then successfully transitioned his to sales and marketing. Resulting in a strong combination of hands-on business aptitude, financial acumen, and technical background with the ability to sell and market. Bill is very strategic, entrepreneurial, passionate about people and their business, building relationships and a drive for making a positive impact with people in their communities.

He has worked for small to large companies leading their high performance business development and marketing teams to grow their business with new and existing markets. Bill has the instinctive ability to build and foster relationships to grow and develop businesses and organizations. Throughout all of VMG service offerings; Bill provides hands-on experience, proven corporate knowledge, real life examples and a passion for helping others succeed!